Baltic Logistics Group is the largest distributor of "Baltika" brewery, a large partner of the AB InBev Efes company in several regions of Russia that visually confirms our opportunities of work on the direction of logistic transportations   

Key partners of Baltic logistics Group are absolute market leaders in categories of beer, drinks of light and strong alcohol, convenience goods.

The group is a professional and large 1-2-3-4-5 PL operator. Partners can entrust us any stage of maintenance of a product to a sales point.

Our services

Warehouse logistics
Transport logistics
Safe custody
1-2-3-4-5 PL
Safe custody of freight in a warehouse implies the list of operations:

    • full range of services in storage and load handling

    • rack and floor storage

    • modern loading-unloading equipment

    • skilled staff (24/7)

    • workng in an information system of the Customer

    • full financial responsibility

    • cargo insurance

    • planned inventories

    • processing of returns 

    • working with sub-standard goods

    • forming of a complete package of accompanying documents

    • maintaining necessary reporting 

 Our specialists arrange goods optimally so that all amount of the warehouse is used most rationally. The thought-over arrangement of the storage system allows us to complete and ship freights of any size quickly.

Baltic Logistics Group applies the most modern systems of rack storage to safe custody. The electronic WMS systems integrated with any accounting systems of the bailor.

  • 1-PL Autonomous logistics. This service is also called the logistic insourcing and is characterized by the fact that the cargo owner carries out all logistic operations himself.  

  •  2-PL Traditional logistics, or partial logistic outsourcing. At such service Baltic Logistics Group undertakes a part of logistical functions (planning, warehousing, forming of the logistics chain), sometimes resorts to involvement of third-party transport organization (contractor).   

  •  3-PL Complex logistic outsourcing. The 3PL-provider does not participate in planning of all logistics chain of the enterprise and is not included in business activities of the client. Baltic Logistics Group renders a range of services that includes transportation of goods, warehousing, end-to-end warehousing, technical management of warehouse stocks, packing and freight forwarding. 

  • 4-PL Integrated logistic outsourcing. At it the cargo owner recruits Baltic Logistics Group and grants it the right to render services not only in complex transport logistics, but also in planning and designing of supply chains and also gives it tasks of management of logistic business processes at the enterprise. If the client-firm uses services of the 3PL-operator, then 4PL will manage it also. 

  • 5-PL Virtual logistics. When the 4PL-provider also begins to render services of network business, it becomes 5PL-operator. Thus, Baltic Logistics Group becomes the outsourcer of the logistic sphere which, using global information and technology space, is capable to render all range of services.

City automobile transportations
Customs logistics
across Russia

We perform city automobile transportations in more than 40 cities of presence.  

  •     goods delivery on the approved schedule 

  •     loading services

  •     courier services 

  •     control of delivery along all route 

  •     support service (hotline) 

  •     shipment tracing on all transit (GPS tracker) 

  •     availability of special clothes and medical books at each driver 

  •     operation reports about delivery status in real time 

  •     routing taking into account expense optimization of the client and transit time


Own vehicle fleet of the company has 8 types of cars with different type of bodies with a capacity from 1.5 to 20 tons. At any stage of cooperation the personal manager will consult you about the most optimal variants of transportation of your freight. 

Cooperation with Baltic Logistics Group is reliable terms of transaction, own ̆ vehicle fleet, the minimum delivery dates of your freight

Baltic Logistics Group renders services in implementation of import and export of goods.
Export – transportation of goods over the border of the customs territory of the Russian Federation for free circulation without obligation about their return.
Import – transportation of goods on the customs territory of other state for free circulation without restrictions of term of stay in this territory. 

We perform complex support at all stages: from loading in the place of departure to shipment in any point: transport and customs document flow, registration, maintenance, cargo transportation.

Cooperation with Baltic Logistics Group is reliable terms of transaction, own vehicle fleet, the minimum delivery dates of your freight and lack of the claim from FTS

We deliver freights quickly and in the minimum terms. 

We transport all types of food and nonfood stuff, including with temperature condition from -20 °C to +20 °C.

  •     own vehicle fleet > 700 cars 

  •     40 cities of presence across Russia 

  •     28 equipped warehouses of A and B classes

Baltic Logistics Group renders services in registration of all documents necessary for transportation.

Service geography

Baltic Logistics Group performs deliveries of products to clients on the territory from the Northwest to Siberia. Every year the business and area of covering increase.

Our benefits

The Group provides an expanded complex of logistics services: international carriages, import and export, long-distance transportations across Russia, transportations in the cities of presence, customs clearance and 3-4 PL transactions

Logistic flexibility

  • More than 700 cars of the different tonnage
  • The guaranteed delivery within 24 hours

Zero losses

All risks are insured in international insurance companies

Balanced tariffs

Fixing the tariffs for the period up to six months

Our partners

Baltic Logistics Group is the largest distributor of the companies "Baltika", InBev. / Efes, PepsiCo. We continue to develop business in Russia with our key and new partners – Heineken, Coca Cola, Royal Canin

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