Baltic logistics Group is the largest distributor of "Baltika" brewery, a large partner of the AB InBev/Efes company in several regions of Russia today. The Group is a key distributor of PepsiCo. Baltic logistics Group continues to expand geographical presence and business in Russia together with key partners. The portfolio of the Group of is supported with exclusive import and a craft offer in beer category.

Our directions

We seek to be a leader in supply of beer, alcohol, soft drinks and convenience goods  in all sales channels. Therefore the group is aimed at continuous expansion of geographical presence and maintenance of high-level service for our clients. We work in the directions:

Канал национальных федеральных сетей


Локальные сети и магазины традиционной торговли



Гостиницы, рестораны и кафе<br />

Бизнес для бизнеса


Our partners

Today key partners of Baltic Logistics are absolute market leaders in categories of beer, strong alcohol and soft drinks.

Our benefits

The developed warehouse network, the innovation logistics and the fulfilled system of obtaining-transfer orders allow to reduce delivery time of goods considerably and to operate production costs effectively.

Финансовая стабильность

  • Один бенифициар группы компаний
  • 80% рабочего капитала ГК — это собственные средства компании
  • Согласованные лимиты кредитования в ТОП-10 банков РФ

Качественный сервис

  • OTIF > 98%
  • Покрытие > 98% географии присутствия как эксклюзивными командами продаж, так и собственными персоналом
  • Экспертиза во всех каналах продаж: TT, MT, HORECA

Работа без перебоев

Работа без перебоев в пики сезонной активности

Service geography

The Baltic Logistics group of companies delivers products to clients in 12 federal administrative areas: St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, Veliky Novgorod, Republic of Karelia, Kaliningrad, Tver, Pskov, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Omsk, Saratov, Penza, Yekaterinburg. Every year the syndicate's territory of covering increases.