Baltic logistics Group is one of the largest distributors of beer, light alcohol, soft drinks and also convenience goods in Russia today. Key partners of the Group are absolute market leaders.

The history of Baltic logistics Group began in 1998 with the first contract with "Vena" brewery. Later the factory became a part of “Baltika” brewery, a part of Carlsberg Group in Russia.

Now Baltic logistics Group is the largest distributor of “Baltika” brewery, a large partner of the AB InBev Efes company in several regions of Russia. Baltic logistics Group successfully cooperates with PepsiCo from the moment of contract signing in 2016. The Group continues to expand geography of cooperation and business in Russia. Baltic logistics Group is a large and professional 1PL-2PL-3PL-4PL operator. Since 2017 the Group develops own production and sales in the category of craft beer. And also specializes in supply of import and Russian high-quality raw materials for brewing.

More than 50 legal entities are a part of  the Group and more than 3,000 employees across all Russia work in the company. Baltic logistics Group has more than 40 warehouse complexes of A and B classes. Own fleet of vehicles of the Group contains more than 700 units of various tonnage. Baltic logistics Group seeks to be a leader in the industry and is aimed at permanent expansion of business geography, growth of the staff and increase in efficiency of employees.

Thanks to financial stability, high quality of the provided services and the involvement into joint business, the largest producers and retail chain stores in the territory of Russia from the Northwest to Siberia trust Baltic logistics Group . The developed warehouse network, innovation logistics, professional sales, effective partner interaction and financial stability –  that is a selection term of partners of Baltic logistics Group today.