Key moments in our history

1998 – Foundation of "Nevsky Syndicate" LLC  which became one of the key legal entities and a peculiar brand of the Group in the territory of the Northwest. Contract signing with "Vena" brewery which will be a part of “Baltika” brewery later.

2006 –  "Nevsky Syndicate" LLC became a distributor of "Baltika" brewery in the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

2009 – The owner of the company reached the agreement on development as the key distributor of "Baltika" brewery in Russia. Foundation of Baltic logistics Group and  headquarters of the Group in St. Petersburg.

2012 – Obtaining alcoholic licenses by the Group for leveling the risks of licensing of  beer products' turnover. Agreements on exclusive rights of distribution with "Baltika" brewery concerning the "Synebrychoff" trademark are reached. The Group signed the contract with “Megapak” LLC for production of low alcohol products under the "Synebrychoff" trademark.

2015 – The beginning of large-scale development of 3PL projects in the field of logistics services. Contract signing about 3PL operations with "Baltika" brewery in St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg.

2016 –  The agreement signing about strategic cooperation and signing the distributor contract with exclusive rights of distribution in territories of the Northwest with the PepsiCo company.

2017 – In a portfolio of Baltic logistics Group in territories of the Northwest one more key beer contract with the AB InBev/Efes company appears.

2018 – A project of sales startup in HORECA channel in the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

2019 – Baltic logistics Group reached agreements on increase in operations and territories under the contract with the AB InBev/Efes company. Start of 3PL operations and full transfer of shipments under the distribution contract in St. Petersburg for "Nevsky Syndicate" LLC.

2020 – Baltic logistics Group entered the market of Moscow: purchase of 100% of a share in "Nays Bir" LLC for expansion of business and development of sales in a HORECA segment.

2021 – Increase in operations by the Group in the Moscow region and the start of 3PL operations under the contract with "Baltika" brewery in Moscow.

"Nevsky Syndicate"LLC  signed the contract with "Lomisi" JSC (the famous producer of Georgian lemonades at the global level is a part of the Turkish holding company Anadolu Efes) on purchase and exclusive sale rights of Georgian lemonades under the "Natahtari" trademark in the channel of federal networks. "Nevsky Syndicate" LLC began shipments in TOP-5 federal networks in the territory of the Russian Federation.

New directions in business

2017 – Market research of craft brewing has shown the potential of development of this segment of the beer market. The group has created a pool of potential breweries for development in the market. Purchase of share in Brewlok brewery and acquisition of the room for start of new industrial complex of brewery. Capital investments into modernization and expansion of production are made.

2018 – Foundation of the Beer Resource company in St. Petersburg . The purpose of creation of the company – supply of raw materials of the highest quality for craft and classical brewing in Russia. The company signed contracts with top American producer of hop -Yakima Chief , the malting factory "Suffle". The exclusive delivery contract of premium English CRISP malt is signed. The unique raw portfolio satisfying any needs of the brewer is completely built.

2019 – Сooperation with the most rating craft brewery in Republic of Belarus - Polnochnyj Project (ex Midnight) is begun. The experimental brewery laboratory is constructed and started in St. Petersburg. The new brewery has allowed the chief technologist and the inspirer of the project Alexey Fadeenko to realize creative undertakings and experiments in the field of beer.

2020 – Beer Resource delivers raw materials to TOP 100 craft producers of beer in Russia.  There are more than 300 breweries in the territory of Russia in a company asset.

2021 – Beer Resource opens a division in Moscow for the purpose of further scaling of business on delivery and sale of raw materials for brewing.